Cuscinetti Croccanti are thin, puffy and crunchy “small pillows” of bread, obtained only from the best 100% Sardinian semolina.
They come from the recipe of the carasau bread, the most representative product of the Sardinian tradition.

The Cuscinetti Croccanti brand is inspired from the peculiar shape of the product and just the shape is the most distinctive and characteristic element, together with its golden color.

The line of Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet adds new even most refined and sought tastes to the traditional Cuscinetti Croccanti Sardi line, so we have created a “Cuscinetto” for every moment.

For both the lines of Cuscinetti we have chosen a transparent packaging that allows the consumer to have an immediate perception of the product and it transmits its artisan character, now a rare and wanted element on the shelves.
The simple and linear graphics immediately bring back to Sardinia and its most archaic history, of which Cuscinetti Croccanti want to be a symbol.
The Cuscinetti Croccanti Sardi line transmits a strong connection with our island, enclosing simple and Mediterranean flavors within it.
We have developed Cuscinetti Croccanti Sardi like a delicious alternative of the "carasau bread", with the same ingredients of it but much more flavor.
They are distinguished by:

The Cuscinetti are baked in the oven and only subsequently gilded in high oleic sunflower oil. For this reason they have only 10% of fat and only the 1,2% of saturated fat.

Natural and short list of ingredients
Cuscinetti are produced only with semolina, water, yeast and salt. They haven’t preservatives and are also free of lactose and animal fats, so they are suitable by vegan people.
We use only high quality products 100% made in Italy.

The Cuscinetti Croccanti Sardi are available in 6 variants:

• Classic (with salt)
• 100% wholemeal semolina
• Rosemary
• Pizza
• Onion
• Chilli

Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet are born to satisfy the most demanding palates, the union between Cuscinetti Croccanti’s peculiarities and exclusive and refined products known and appreciated all over the world.
Made only with high quality raw materials, with 100% Sardinian semolina, they are available in the following variants:

Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet with Pecorino:
they contain the truest and most intense flavors of our island, bread and cheese, which are still the symbol of the most archaic Sardinia.

Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet with Truffle:
undoubtedly among the most loved Italian products, the truffle with its strong and refined flavor blends with the crunchiness and lightness of Cuscinetti, conquering everyone.

Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet with pink Himalayan salt:
the uniqueness and the multiple benefits of Himalayan salt combine with the genuineness and simplicity of Cuscinetti, making this product extremely tasty.

The Cuscinetti Croccanti Gourmet give an extra touch to every moment.

The essential and refined graphic transmits the exclusiveness of the product despite the distinctive elements, such as healthiness and craftsmanship that remain present.

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